Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First Lace Project!

Here! Ok, so I've not actually started it yet, have a few things I need to do first, but I hopefully will be starting it soon. I'm so excited! This is a really beautiful shawl, and the instructions are easy to follow. This is the pattern page for the shawl I'm knitting.
(BTW, you have to be a Ravelry member to see my project page, and you have to sign up for the designers site to see the pattern. It's free for both, and they both have their perks! Ravelry is a very large community that is extremely supportive, and has a immense pattern library, and the other site has some really beautiful designs.)
Still not sure what yarn to use, I may end up using some worsted weight acrylic, but I have another package coming in by a kind and generous Raveler, that I'm expecting tomorrow, that may have enough yarn to do this pattern in.
In the meantime, I plan on finally getting my Paypal synced with my bank account so I can pull out the money that yet another generous Raveler sent me for the purpose of printing out the chart for the pattern, and practicing some of the techniques used in the shawl.
Wish me luck!

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