Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Webcam Still on the fritz......

Ok, so I'd love to show some of my recent projects, but my webcam, the only camera I have, is wonky and refuses to work. Plus, most of what I made I consigned this morning.....
Yep, I has stuff in a store in town. But it won't be on sale until Jan 1. Just 2 dishcloths and a hat for now, but I plan on making more soon. I'm thinking of putting up a flier in town advertising my skillz, and seeing if I can get some commissions, but not so sure how well that will work. Plus I have no printer either, so it would have to be a handmade sign.

In other news, I finished (sorta) my Moon Witch shawl. It turned out to be more like a capelette than a shawl, but it's done for now, until I can get more of the yarn I used to make it. I was hoping for a massive shawl/skirt to use when I start belly dancing, but it didn't look right with me adding black to it. (The yarn is RHSS Multi in Zebra). The color changes are beautiful, and I'd like to keep that look going, but right now I'm wearing it as a capelette.

I'm also working on a crocheted pentacle design. I've found a few online, but I wanted something more lacey and open, so I'm trying to come up with my own. I plan on making a necklace with the finished design, using a white braid with silver that I got from a lady who needed to get rid of some of her yarn, and black.

Hopefully I'll have my website in working order soon, I just have to add some final touches. It will have a donate option, so I hope i can get a little but of love from any viewers I can get, so that I can come a little closer to my dream of selling my handmade goodies. Wish me luck!

Moonlit Blessings =^.^=

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This will be my crafty site, me blogging about all manner of crafty related things that catch my interest. Hopefully, I'll be able to post pics and such about my own projects. Right now I'm working on a lover's knot shawl/skirt thingy that I plan to call Moon Witch, but due to a problem with my webcam, and possibly losing my laptop for a while, that will have to wait.
I'll try to keep the blog pg, unlike my other blog, but please be warned that there may be things here that may offend some. Like heathenish stuff, and slight cussing. I am a witch, and I can put a sailor to shame, so it's often a knee jerk reaction with me. Just warnin' ya.....

I hope to have more traffic here than my other blog, and I hope to meet others who share my interests and would like to offer expertise and advice.

Moonlit blessings to you all!