Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mah blog is lonely.....And a really epic day......

Maybe because I is not good blogger.......No followers, no comments........*cries*

Ok, enough of that. Actually, I'm just happy to have views at all, lol. Now, onto our regularly scheduled
blogging (why does that not sound right?).....

Yesterday was actually a decent day. Woke up depressed and crampy, got dressed to go check the mail (cause I cannot rouse myself before 1 in the afternoon, for some reason.......), and see not one, not two, but three (THREE!!!!!!) boxes waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Since there are only four apartments in our building, I was decently certain that at least one of those boxes was mine. I had been waiting for one more package from a lady on Ravelry, so I was excited. I tramp will all the excitement my cramping and trembling body could muster down the stairs, to check the boxes. All three of them (THREEEE!!!!!!!) were for me. Plus an envelope in the mailbox itself, which I was also waiting for. Now, imagine if you can,  me half running half stumbling up the stairs, clutching three(THR....ok, I'll stop that now....) boxes in my arms, and an envelope gripped in my teeth, all bouncy and entirely too cheerful for having just woke up, all crampy (have I mentioned I was crampy?) and, well, crampy.
So, I finally make it back into the apartment, after struggling with the door. I begin clawing at the boxes, futilely trying to claw my way into them with my broken and jagged nails. When the accursed cardboard will not yield to my nails of DOOM, I begin searching frantically for a nice, eager and desperate to get at the goodies which were practically screaming my name at this point. Knife is found, and frenzied cutting begins.
I start with one of the smaller boxes. In it I find a mass wrapped in sequined ( I think those were sequins...) packing paper. In my eagerness to get the paper out, it ripped, sadly (why would I be sad, you ask? Well, who wouldn't want to save sequined packing paper? It could very well save my life one day, if I'm ever beseiged by zombies with a deep hatred for sequins!). I grieved the paper for a moment, before realizing that I can see NEEDLES!!!! CIRCULAR NEEDLES!! Luckily, I didn't screech it like I wanted to, or else Josh would have likely thrown something heavy and painful at me (He is decidedly grumpy when he is awakened by a screeching woman......). I clutch the needles to my chest, before digging back into the box. What else did I find? Why, yarn, of course! Yummy, pretty, squishy yarn......Which at the moment I can't remember what exactly I got, just that one was a really pretty purple, and another a yummy creamy yellow.....And I think some green, and oh yeah, fiery orange and variegated fuzziness.....Well, damn, I guess I remember what was in there after all.
After squishing this yarn repeatedly, visions of projects running through my head, I turn to the other small box. I fail to look at the return adress in my excitement for goodies, so I didn't know who sent it until after I read the note......In this box, I find:

  • A sparkly red hairstick (which will likely be used as a shawl pin, since I doubt my hair will tolerate being forced to play nice long enough to actually do the hairstick justice...)
  • A mini stitch dictionary
  • A knitting gauge, which was desperately needed
  • A lovely shrug pattern of awesomeness
  • YARN!!!!!! Lovely, yummy, soft green yarn of epicness
  • DPNs, also desperately needed
  • BEADS!!!!!
  • And, most precious to me, three beautiful crystals from her collection.
At this point I'm in a haze of surprise, because I have no idea where all this came from. And then, I read the note. Reaction: OMGROGUESENTTHISYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
Yes, it was probably as hard to understand in RL as it is to read here.
After subsequent gloating over goodies, blinding myself by holding beads, crystals and hairstick up to the sunlight and watching the sparklies, I remember that the biggest box hasn't been opened. Not believing this day could get any better, I eye the box, wondering if it's some kind of trick, 'cause I'm paranoid like that. I pick up the box to check the address. Yarn Storming!? WTH is that? Well, since it could only mean that there was a good chance that the box contained yarn, I frantically tear into it (and yes, I checked to make sure my name was on the box, which it was).  YARNS!!!!!! Ribbon yarn, and cotton yarn, and 50% merino 50% silk yarn, and yak yarn, and wool yarn, sock yarn, some kinda pink purple awesome yarn, and yarn that reminds me of ocelots and leopards, and EEEEEEEEEEE! Then, I see the note. It reads, and I paraphrase here,: You have been Yarn Stormed!
Yes, that incurred another round of squishing and cuddling and gloating.
Then comes the envelope. This wasn't much of a surprise, since I was expecting one from a lady on Rav. She said she would send me the chart for the shawl I'm knitting. So, I open it to take a look at said chart. Out fall not just one but several copies of the chart, to make sure I has at least one to mark and make notes on, and extras so I had back-ups. Then, out falls yet another goody: $10. Reaction: OMGICANSENDSECRETSANTANOWYAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
Yes, just as illegible as the rest of my excited babbling that day.

All in all, it felt like a late birthday. And now I must go and search for patterns to use with my lovely new happies.

P.S. Yes, my favorite was the package from Rogue. *nods*

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  1. This made me giggle :P
    I was yarn stormed before as well and pretty much had the same reaction LOL